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How to make your laundry smell good

Laundry fragrance is a product that helps you get rid of bad odors, and add a good one. One way that this is done is by making your clothes smell good even after being in the hamper for weeks. By doing this, you can have fresh smelling clothes every day without actually washing them!

Scents help mask unpleasant smells from laundry detergent, sweat, stains or pets. You can achieve a pleasant scent by mixing essential oils with water.

In a large spray bottle combine the following ingredients:

– ¾ of lavender oil

– ¾ of vanilla extract

Shake well before use! If you want something even more powerful, mix in some vodka or alcohol. The alcohol will help absorb the scents, and give your laundry a bolder scent.

Few Steps You should try to get Good Laundry Smell


Start by running your washing machine on the hottest water setting with a strong detergent. Don’t add anything to the load, such as fabric softener or bleach, and use the recommended amount of detergent listed on the packaging.


Add a cup of white vinegar to the load when it is in the washing cycle and spread it around evenly.


Finish by adding a cup of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and stir it into the wet clothes before drying them.


To freshen up your clothes, add a dryer sheet and toss it in with the laundry. The heat of the cycle will transform it into a fresh-scented booster that can be used as needed.


Lastly we recommend you try to avoid fabric softener sheets as these actually coat your clothes and fabrics, leaving them feeling greasy and even attracting dirt. Fabric softener is also known to reduce the absorbency of clothing, not what you want when wearing clothes!

You now know how to make your laundry smell good by using only three household ingredients! We hope this has been helpful for you <3

if there are any other ways on how to make your laundry smell good let us know .

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