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9 Steps How to clean laundry machine

1. Turn off the water supply to your machine. Locate your taps and turn them to “off”. Unplug the machine if it has an electrical plug. If you’re not sure how, consult its manual or contact customer service. You can pick up a replacement water inlet filter at most plumbing suppliers, or ask your washer’s manufacturer.

2. Pull the machine away from the wall and find the hoses attached to its water inlet valve. Disconnect them at both ends, but leave them alone for now – you’ll use them again later on.

3. Detach your washing machine hose from your drain pipe or sink trap by removing the drain hose clamp and sliding it down the hose. Bolt, clip or screw your drain hose to your manufacturers inlet and output hoses and run them up through the holes you’ve cut in the top of your bucket.

4. Fill up a sink with water and add half a cup of chlorine bleach (or use Dish Washer Stain Out – it’s the same active ingredient). Carefully immerse and swish your hoses in the water. Allow them to soak for about an hour, stirring occasionally.

5. Drain out as much of the bleach solution as you can using a sieve or cup, then refill the bucket with clean water and give your hoses another quick rinse.

6. Stretch your hoses across the bucket so they’re resting on each side, then balance or hang them somewhere secure to drip dry for at least 24 hours. Make sure they’re completely dry before you reconnect them to the inlet valve and put everything back together!

7. Reconnect your hoses to the machine by sliding the washer hose clamp up your machine’s water inlet hose. Allow a small amount of slack to account for fluctuations in pressure, but not so much that it will weaken over time. Lay the drain hose down and attach it to the drainage pipe or sink trap with another drain hose clamp.

8. Reconnect your washing machine to its electrical supply and turn the water back on. Turn it to “drain” for a minute or so, then switch to “rinse” for another minute or so. Switch to wash cycle and allow the machine to fill up with water before you add your clothes.

9. Finish by unplugging your machine if it has an electrical cord and turn the water taps off. Leave your machine to drain and drip dry – it should be clean and ready for use next time you need it!

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